Mountain Tours

All tours begin at 9 or 10 in the morning with the meeting point at San Rafael Lookout.

San Rafael River Tour

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Duration: 2.5 Hours

Our original tour is the San Rafael River Tour. This tour starts by visiting the SRSS Larimar workshop, we will walk through the mountain eating the fruit of the season including fresh cacao nibs and oranges. We continue to checking out the avocado and coffee farm with intermittent stories on the incorporation of youth groups and community development of the land. We then arrive to the head of the San Rafael River, seeing where the natural spring emerges from the Earth. We end at the San Rafael Beach where your food will be awaiting if you choose to do the tour – food combination.


Taino Cave Tour

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Duration: 2 Hours

Our Taino Cave Tour is our most accesible tour we offer. It consists of a route through the steep mountains of San Rafael that allows you to try the local fruit and understand the agriculture of the mountain. We then go to caves that were once inhabited by the indigenous peoples, the Tainos. The tour loops down and ends at San Rafael Beach where you can enjoy the cold pools and beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Combination Tour

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Duration: 3.5 Hours

The Combination Tour allows you to get the best of both the Taino Cave Tour and the River Tour. You begin by exploring the fruits and foliage the mountain has to offer, and continue on to the Taino Caves. After, you go to the head of the San Rafael River, where the natural spring comes out of the Earth, and you continue down the river until you meet the beach. This tour is of medium difficulty. Perfect for larger groups and nature enthusiasts. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes that can get wet.

Caleton Beach Tour

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Caleton is a private beach about 30 minutes South of San Rafael. We will part from the Mirador de San Rafael and head out. Upon arrival, we will hike down a valley to arrive to the beach where the swells are perfect for surfing, and the ocean is bluer than you’ve ever seen. We then scramble up cliff sides, and hike along the cliffs just above the ocean. This tour is also a more difficult tour, perfect for athletic types who love adrenaline. The actual tour is short, only lasting about 45 minutes, but the caves we come across will call for a break to enjoy the sound of the ocean hitting the rock below and take a few pictures.

San Rafael Coast Tour

Duration: 4.5 Hours

This is our longest and most difficult tour we offer. We being at the mirador de San Rafael and walk to a small path that brings us to the Western side of San Rafael Beach. We continue along the coast, crossing jagged rock, checking beautiful coral reefs, swimming holes, and the stunning view of the Caribbean Sea meeting the Earth. This tour is not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of heights, but offers some of the most beautiful, pristine scenery our beach has to offer. We will look for crustaceans, crabs, octopi, and any other critters we can find. This would be a good day to rent snorkeling gear to take advantage of the location and check out the ocean life for yourself.

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